6 Crucial Components of a Thai Massage

What sets a Thai massage apart from other massages is that it will not work on a particular organ or perhaps a couple of muscles, but strives to work on the whole body. The Thai massage is actually a form of bodywork which has created in the Chinese practices at the same time as in the Indian Ayurveda. It functions on the pressure points, energy lines plus the basic body forces. Beat Your Blues using a Thai Massage There are 6 important elements of a Thai massage. Get extra information about Delivery massage Bangkok


1. Yoga

2. Physical exercise

3. Meditation

4. Reflexology

5. Acupressure

6. Healing art


How is it performed


The normal time to get a massage can variety anywhere amongst 1 - 2 hours, and could even extend for 3 hours. A Thai massage is normally offered on a mat around the floor, there is certainly no oil utilized and it can be performed completely clothed. Ahead of starting, the master recites a short chant that is said to help him focus his energy and concentration on the person. The masseur exerts pressure around the energy lines that are referred to as "sen." Stress is exerted by the palms, thumb, fingers and feet. The points worked on are treated on a superficial level and not a particular level as in acupressure. They may be employed to induce relaxation. The thumb, finger or the palm movement is performed in circular motions. This can be followed by some stretching movements, which are based on the yoga principles and raise the body flexibility at the same time as release body tension.


At the finish of the session the master will once again repeat the chant as a cool down physical exercise Usually bear in mind that the masseur will under no circumstances work on any bone specifically, specifically the knees as they may be viewed as to be quite fragile and delicate. A Thai is very best in case your goal is common relaxation and stress relief as the massage works on the entire body. Also, the stress and the movements are extremely gentle and not taxing around the body.


Positive aspects


The rewards of a Thai massage are immense. It helps you sustain the energy and vitality of your body also as keeps you tension absolutely free.


Assists energize you on the entire

Relaxes you

Improves the blood circulation in the body

Increases flexibility

Balances the nervous system

Provides relief kind muscle pains

Strengthens the body along with the mind.


So if you want to beat those blues, then a Thai massage is definitely the very best for you personally.

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