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It is critical to produce an informed choice when deciding upon the right water purifier. The excellent of water that we drink includes a direct effect on our health and also the health of our loved ones. Even so, together with the number of options accessible, it can frequently look like a daunting process. Quite a few believe that every single purifier does its job in the exact same way. But we realize that is not true. Diverse water conditions call for unique purification technologies. Get more info about Aquaguard RO Tollfree Number


Your Water Supply:

Your water sort is determined by whether your water is supplied from borewells, municipal corporations, or maybe a mixture of both. This largely differs from region to area, home to home.


The TDS Levels Of your Water

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) refers towards the presence of salts, minerals and metals in your water. The higher your water’s TDS levels are, the harder your water will likely be.


What is the simplest way to find out the best purification technology inside your water? Check out and enter your pin code as well as other specifics within the Water Doctor app. This app then tells you the best purifier for your home based on where you live as well as the sort of water present inside the location.


So, which water purifier do I decide on?

You will find mostly 2 sorts of water purifiers you can select from:


RO purifiers are ideal suited for homes using borewell water, with higher TDS levels.

Homes with municipality water supplied from lakes and rivers must opt for UV water purifiers that make your water as safe as water boiled for more than 20 minutes!

Several homes obtain water from several water sources. Dr. Aquaguard and Aquaguard possess a variety of purifiers that use both RO and UV technologies to purify the water in such situations.


If you're confused regarding the water variety in your home, request a free home demo. Eureka Forbes water specialists conduct a water check just before prescribing the most effective water purifier for the household.

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